The coordination of body and mind is very important during the practice of yoga, know the method of practice


Yoga Session With Savita Yadav: One should never be in a hurry while practicing yoga. Whenever you do yoga, keep three things in mind. The first thing is that you should always pay special attention to your breathing while practicing yoga. Connect the exercise with your breath. The second important thing is that your practice should be beautiful and rhythmic. By doing this, there is harmony in your own nature as well. During the practice, take special care that the coordination of your mind and body is in a better way. The third important thing is that you should always do yoga according to your ability. Practice as much as your body allows, not try to give your best in the first two to three months. Keep these three things in mind during your practice.


Today, in the Facebook Live session of News18 Hindi, yoga instructor Savita Yadav taught to practice yoga and shared many important things during the practice.

start like this
Sit on the mat and keep the waist-neck straight.
Now sit in the posture of meditation leaving both the palms open towards the sky.
-Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale properly.
Now chant Om and pray.


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morning stiffness
In the morning, sit in Vajrasana to remove the stiffness of the body and make it flexible. After this, bring the elbows equal to the knees, slowly giving weight on both the palms and taking a deep breath, rise upwards. Now exhale while stretching the waist downwards. Now raise the waist and repeat the cat and camel pose in the same way. Keep in mind that keep stretching the neck up and down as well. Complete 10 such cycles.

full body stretching
Make a cat position on the mat and while inhaling, stretch the opposite leg and the opposite hand. Stretch the leg backward and the hand forward. Now while exhaling, fold the foot till near the nose and keep the hand on the ground. In this way you complete 10 cycles. You can watch the video to understand in detail.


sit in vajrasana
Keeping the knees close, bend the legs backwards and keep both the hands on the knees. By sitting in the posture of Vajrasana, digestion is better, the problem of constipation is removed and the body becomes disease-free. Blood circulation is also better.

first exercise
Stand on your mat. To strengthen the legs, first lift the heel and then lift the toes. Do this for 30 cycles. When you are tired, stand up and take a deep breath. To stretch the body, now stand in the posture of Tadasana and practice.

second exercise
Stand on the mat and keeping the gap between the feet, keep your hands extended forward at the level of the waist. Now while bending the knees, raise the knees to the hands and touch them. Do 20 such cycles. Keep inhaling and exhaling properly. When done, take a deep breath and relax the body.

third exercise
Now interlock the hands in the front and lift the knees one by one on the right and left side and then keep the feet on the ground. Do this for 20 cycles.

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fourth exercise
Stretch your hands back and forth for 20 cycles by bending your elbows. Now rotate the hands full. You do this 10 times and then do full rotation from back to front 10 times.

Apart from this, many exercises were conducted during the session, which you can see in detail with the help of the video link.

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