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Massive Fire Mundka Update: Three girls of the same family are missing in the Mundka fire accident. Our girls can be found in any condition, whether they are alive or dead. This was said by the father of a girl named Miss Madhu in the Mundka accident. A fire accident happened in Mundka last night, in which 27 people have died so far. Still many people are missing. Out of them, three girls of the same family have not been found yet. The fathers of these three daughters are real brothers. One brother has two daughters and the other brother has one daughter. These three girls used to work where the fire accident happened last day. Now both these brothers are making rounds of the hospital and police station since last night to find their daughters.


Missing Preeti and Poonam’s father says that Preeti is 23 years old and Poonam is 20 years old. Father tells that we got a call yesterday at 4 o’clock. He told that there has been a fire in the father-mother company. His mother gave us the phone, then I said to save quickly. Preeti and Poonam’s father further says that after that neither phone nor any information was received. Keep checking with the police, but nothing came out. If someone told Gurgaon, they went there. When told Bahadurgarh, he went there. Ram Manohar Lohia, Sanjay Gandhi all went to the hospital, but could not find anywhere.


circling since night

He said that we have been circling since night. The father further says that our daughter has not been identified in the dead body shown. We are saying that get our DNA test done, but there is no hearing for that too. We have been sitting here since morning. We live in Mubarakpur. Both our daughters work. The father further explains that the mother of both the daughters remains ill. For her treatment and for the marriage of daughters, it was thought that if some money is collected, then my hands will turn yellow. Saying all this, Preeti and Poonam’s father’s throat swells. Got the application written in Mundka police station last night, but they have not given any slip.


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talked to my daughter yesterday morning

At the same time, his brother’s daughter is also missing, whose name is Madhu. Madhu’s father tells that yesterday morning there was talk. Daughter used to go to office around 9:30. He had called his brother that there was a fire in the company. As soon as we came to know, we reached the spot while running away from the house. By then there had been a lot of fire. Madhu’s father says that whoever was coming out there, he was saying that we do not know, the whole smoke has become smoke. When we wanted to know about the daughters, someone said that they are above, someone said that they have left.

Where are our children?

Madhu’s father further tells that we are troubled since yesterday, no hearing has been done. Don’t know where our kids are? Our only request is that our girls should get those buses in any condition. Whether he is alive or whether he is dead. If it is not recognized, then get a DNA test done. They are not allowed to go to the hospital here. Madhu’s father says that we talked to the policemen, then they showed the body, but she did not recognize that they are our children. The body is very burnt. Madhu’s father says that the daughter is 21 years old and she was working in the company for one and a half years. The only request from the government is that our children should be found.

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