The mood of the changing weather is having a huge impact on health, take these necessary precautions, negligence can have serious consequences



The changing mood of the weather is also affecting the health.
Due to this people are facing many health related problems.
People are not only troubled by viral fever, they are also coming in the grip of infection.

New Delhi. As the mood of the weather is changing, it is affecting the health as well. Due to this people are facing many health related problems. Not only viral fever is troubling people, but people are also coming under the grip of infection in the changing season. Diseases that occur with the change of weather have started to flourish. When the weather changes, diseases flourish. If the slightest precaution is not taken, then it also takes the form of infection. How to protect yourself in the changing season and what things should be taken care of, it is necessary to take care of many small things.


News18 spoke to several doctors about this. Those who said that people are facing the problem of blood pressure (BP) in the changing season. The problem of cold and cough is increasing. Many times the pain of arthritis increases, cases of pneumonia, allergic cough and typhoid are increasing in children. Most of the infections are being seen these days. The reason for th is infection is that these days people are not taking as much water as the body needs. People are ignoring him. People are not able to understand the temperature with him. If it is a little hot, people do not wear warm clothes. People need to take a lot of care in this season.


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Dr. Neelam Bisht from News18 said that nowadays people are more worried about viral fever. Most of the people are having throat problems or some or the other infection. People have reduced drinking water. The lifestyle of people also changes in winter. mostly people outside food While eating, they also eat sweet food. People do not do workouts due to laziness. Due to being very busy, many diseases flourish in them. When the weather is changing again and again, it is very important that people take special care of themselves. People should use Vitamin C in their diet. Which is very good for immunity and should drink a lot of water. Because water reduces every infection.

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