The price of domestic LPG increased… so the old video of PM Modi went viral on social media


PM Modi Old Video Over LPG Price: The problems of common man have increased due to inflation in the country. After petrol and diesel, the increase in the prices of domestic LPG cylinders has loosened the pockets of the common man. The budget of the kitchen has increased further. Amidst the rise in LPG prices, an old video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going viral. In this video, PM Modi is seen criticizing the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for inflation. In a video viral on social media, PM Modi can be heard saying that before going to vote, you should greet the gas cylinder kept in your house with folded hands.


Old video of PM Modi on LPG goes viral

The video which is going viral on social media is from the time when Narendra Modi He was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. PM Modi is referring to the time when the Congress government had said that every family would be given a certain number of gas cylinders in a year and those who wanted more cylinders than the stipulated limit would have to pay a little extra. In this video, PM Modi is targeting the then PM Manmohan Singh, saying that these people snatched the gas cylinder and made the gas cylinder expensive. Many people are giving different types of reaction to this video of PM Modi on social media.


The then PM Manmohan Singh was targeted in the viral video

Attacking the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh regarding inflation in the viral video, PM Modi said that if you are dying due to inflation, then it is your luck, the UPA government does not care about it. Let us inform that on Saturday, 7 May, the prices of 14.2 kg domestic LPG cylinders were increased by Rs 50.

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