The problem of motion sickness increases in summer travel, follow these home remedies for prevention


Tips to Avoid Motion Sickness: The desire to go somewhere by road, to go out on a day out or to go on a long drive becomes a big problem for those people who have problems with motion sickness. However, the problem of motion sickness also happens to many people while traveling in flight and train. It is also important to know the ways to avoid this, because there is some person among us, who has the problem of motion sickness. Its complaints increase in the summer season, so if you are planning for a trip, then do not keep these things out of your list.


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What are the symptoms of motion sickness
If any person has problems with nervousness, restlessness, nausea, dizziness, headache, sweating, vomiting during the journey, then they should know that these are symptoms of motion sickness. In the summer season, the rising temperature and carelessness of health can also disturb during travelling. Learn easy home remedies to avoid motion sickness.


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How to avoid motion sickness in summer
Before going on the journey, keep some buds of long. When you feel like vomiting, keep long in the mouth.
Squeeze lemon in hot water and keep it in a flask, this recipe will help in avoiding restlessness or vomiting.
Putting a dry piece of ginger with black salt in the mouth reduces the problem of nausea.
Do not drink tea and coffee on an empty stomach. Due to this in travel, there may be problems of stomach pain, gas or acidity.
Keep black salt mixed in carom seeds and if you do not feel better, then keep two pinches in your mouth.
Keep drinking water. If plain water does not taste better, then boil mint in water and filter it and take it with you.
If there is a problem in the journey, then eat something light before leaving. Do not eat too much fried food even a day before.
Avoid eating a full stomach while traveling. Eat something in a short time so that energy remains.
Keep sour-sweet tablets or toffee with you. Due to this the taste of the mouth remains fine and the problem of nausea goes away.


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