The victims of this have to do these three things for the poor, after that the data is returned


New Ransomware: A new ransomware has been detected in India that urges its victims to donate new clothes for the poor, expensive pizzas for children and financial aid to those who are waiting for much-needed medical care. CloudSec, a digital risk assessment company, said that after being hit by the “Goodwill ransomware”, there could be temporary damage to the company’s data as well as permanent damage and it could also affect the company’s operations, shutting down operations. Due to this, revenue loss may also have to be incurred.


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CloudSec said in a report, “The Goodwill ransomware was identified by researchers at CloudSec in March 2022. The name of this group that poses a threat suggests that its operatives allegedly want to use this ransomware to promote social justice.

Three things have to be done to get the data back
Goodwill ransomware blocks access to documents, photos, videos, databases and important files. According to the report, “To get their data back, victims perform three social activities such as getting new clothes to the homeless and recording it and posting it on social media, taking five underprivileged children to Domino’s, Pizza Hut or KFC and Putting pictures, videos etc. of this activity on social media and giving financial help to the needy in nearby hospitals and recording their audio.


It was told that after the completion of these three activities, the victim victim is asked to write on social media how they became a good person after becoming a victim of ransomware named Goodwill. According to the report, the researchers found through the e-mail address that this is the work of an IT security solutions and services company in India.

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