There are many benefits of eating roasted cumin seeds in curd, diabetes also keeps BP under control.


Roasted Cumin With Curd: Everyone likes to eat curd in the summer season. It has a cold effect, which works to keep the stomach cool. Many people like to drink it in the form of lassi, while many people eat it by making raita. Not only this, people also like to eat it with rice. But, if you are eating it with roasted cumin to make it tasty, then it can be even more beneficial for your health. Actually, when roasted cumin is mixed in it, it also works to remove many diseases. It improves digestion power, increases appetite and even becomes beneficial in diabetes. So let us know today what are the benefits of eating roasted cumin mixed with curd.


Benefits of eating roasted cumin with curd

make digestive system better


If you have stomach ache, indigestion or loss of appetite, then you should eat roasted cumin mixed with curd. Its consumption cools the stomach and increases appetite. Due to its consumption, the food gets digested faster and the problem of gas etc. in the stomach is also removed.

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clean your stomach
If you consume curd and roasted cumin seeds together, then it helps in digesting the food. In such a situation, people who have complaints of indigestion and constipation, mix roasted cumin in curd and consume curd.


beneficial for eyes
When you eat roasted cumin mixed with curd, it also improves your eyesight. Actually, vitamin A is found in abundance in both curd and cumin. In such a situation, eating roasted cumin mixed with regular curd increases eyesight and benefits you.

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cure diabetes
If you are a patient of diabetes, then you must eat roasted cumin seeds with curd in your diet. Both curd and cumin have anti-diabetic properties which is beneficial in reducing the risk of diabetes.

control blood pressure
Magnesium is found in curd and cumin, which helps in maintaining balance in blood pressure. Due to which the blood pressure is also controlled.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the relevant expert before implementing them)

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