There was a flurry of resignations in support, so is the Congress on the verge of collapse?


Rajasthan Political Crisis: Who will be the new President of Congress? Before the answer to this question could be found, now the question has arisen that who will be the next CM of Rajasthan? The Rajasthan Congress came down against the Congress on the political pitch of Jaipur.

The nomination of CM Ashok Gehlot for the post of Congress President was fixed, so a meeting of MLAs was called at 7 pm on Sunday to brainstorm on who would be the next CM of Rajasthan. Ajay Maken, in-charge of Rajasthan Congress and senior Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge, sent to Jaipur as observer, did not even know that Ashok Gehlot was waiting for him with a master stroke.

Know 10 big things

1- At 8:13 pm. This was happening when Sachin Pilot had left his residence towards CM House for a meeting. The distance was less to say but the distance was too much for Sachin Pilot because he had realized that the meeting he was going for would not be a meeting. When and how the political drama of Rajasthan Congress started on 25 September. To know this, we have to look at the timeline of 25 September.


2- At 8 pm, about 25 MLAs of the Pilot faction reached the CM residence for the CLP meeting. Since in this meeting, Ajay Maken, in-charge of Rajasthan Congress and senior Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge, who was sent to Jaipur as an observer, also needed to reach. So at around 8.15 pm, both the CMs left for the residence.


25 MLAs of the 3-pilot faction reached the CM residence. On the other hand, the number of MLAs of Gehlot faction, who reached the house of Minister Shanti Dhariwal on 4 Hospital Road, was increasing. At 8:40 pm, news came that the MLAs of the Gehlot faction would resign.

At 9:10 pm, these angry MLAs left the house of Assembly Speaker CP Joshi in a luxury bus. Seeing the Gehlot faction adamant on the resignation, Kharge and Maken took a big decision and the CLP meeting was canceled at 10 pm.


At 5.30 pm, a delegation of angry MLAs went to the CM House. An hour later, the delegation reached CP Joshi’s house and at around 12 o’clock in the night, the angry MLA left CP Joshi’s house.

On 6-23 September, Ashok Gehlot himself had said on the camera of ABP News that who would be the next CM of Rajasthan, he would decide the high command and in-charge, but now Gehlot has an objection to the project pilot of the high command.

7-Now the question is whether Ashok Gehlot will contest for the post of Congress President… and the bigger question is whether it is possible to become the president of Gehlot, who rebelled against the decision of the high command?

8- Gehlot is teaching the meaning of politics to the Congress high command by tweeting on the tweet. Gehlot is saying that the first priority of the high command should be to win the 2023 Rajasthan assembly elections because the Congress has only Rajasthan in the name of a big state.

9-The notification for the election of the Congress President has been issued on 22 September. The process of filing the form will continue till September 30. Right now this fight is being seen as Gehlot vs Tharoor but the political drama of Rajasthan has increased the suspense.

10-Since the most important role in the election of the Congress President is that of the State Congress Committee ie PCC and the delegates of the PCC have an eye on the political drama of Rajasthan. Therefore, the impact of Gehlot’s show of power is bound to have an impact on the Congress President’s election.

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