These 3 exercises strengthen the spine, the health of the waist will also be good


Simple Exercises for Lower Back: Keeping the body fit is very important in today’s lifestyle. Working for long hours, sitting in the wrong posture on the chair, driving for a long time, all these reasons are enough to damage our waist. In such a situation, we need to take special care of the health of our waist, because the waist is the center point of our body. Our spine not only has to be active with the body, but also has to bend and flex in many directions. Some core muscles of the body provide strength to the spine. In these, the muscles found in the back as well as the abdomen, hips, quadriceps and hamstrings together make it strong. If these muscles are kept strong, then our lower back will always be in good shape. Learn about some exercises to keep the waist and spine strong here.


body movement
over 25 analysis of studies It has been found that an easy way to strengthen the spine is to maintain the movement throughout the day, that is, to strengthen the spine during sitting, keep doing small walks even during the sitting job. Take long walks on holidays. This activity not only strengthens the bones, but also protects the spinal cord. Along with this, it also reduces the erosion of bones that occurs with age.


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plank exercise
Transverse abdominals are the delicate sheet-like muscles found in the depth, which strengthen the midsection of our body, that is, the middle part. There are also similar multipids muscles, which keep the spine straight. It consists of several extensions, each of which is wrapped around the vertebrae like a bicycle chain. Plank exercise activates these muscles.

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Coordination and spine control of the muscles of the body is also important. If the coordination of the muscles is not correct, then the athlete will also have back pain. Pilates exercise is very beneficial for this. It strengthens the core muscles, as well as increases the ability to control the muscles.

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