These 5 drinks are beneficial for diabetic patients in summer, know how to make


Summer Drinks For Diabetic Patients : The summer season is in full swing with rising temperatures and the season of dehydration. Taking cold and fresh drinks in such weather is most beneficial for health. Although many of these drinks are healthy and rehydrating, the amount of sugar present in them is not good for the health of diabetics. This makes it difficult for people with diabetes to stay hydrated and keep all essential electrolytes up to their required levels.

In such a situation, can diabetic patients not drink any drinks to avoid dehydration in summer, then the answer is yes. We tell you about 5 such important drinks, in which the amount of sugar is less. They also protect you from dehydration in summer.


Namkeen Lassi
Take 2 cups of cold curd, a glass of water, some ice cubes and a spoonful of cumin powder. Blend them all and your delicious sugarless drink is ready. Namkeen lassi is a cool summer cooler, which can be enjoyed by diabetic patients without worrying about their illness getting worse.


vine syrup
Wow! This is a completely natural matter. Bael or wood apple is a great source of natural fiber, iron, antioxidants and folate i.e. folic acid. Also, it cools your stomach. If you are suffering from diabetes, then bael sherbet can prove to be very beneficial for you in the scorching summer.

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Sattu is a special and popular food of Bihar and Eastern Uttar Pradesh. One of the oldest drinks in India, Sattu is the perfect way for diabetic patients to stay hydrated. It does not contain any carbohydrates and also know how it can be drunk. You can enjoy it by mixing some black salt with sattu powder in cold water and squeezing a few drops of lemon.

Ginger and Lemon Drink
Ginger helps in controlling blood sugar levels, thus making it a great summer drink for people with diabetes. Just mix lemon in water and grate some ginger, drink this drink and keep yourself hydrated.

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Vegetable/Fruit Smoothie
Spinach, beetroot, fruit juice of choice and a little coconut water mixed together can be very beneficial for you, even if you are a non-diabetic. Just keep in mind that the fruits you have chosen for the smoothie should not be too sweet, meaning they have less sugar content.
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