These 5 foods can become a major reason for dehydration in summer, know from experts how


We all know how important it is to stay hydrated in summers. But hydration isn’t just about drinking enough water, but it’s also about avoiding certain food items that can make you feel dehydrated. You must be wondering what are such foods? Nutritionist Lovneet Batra recently shared some such foods on Instagram that can affect your hydration in the opposite way.

He captioned his Insta post like this, “Hydration is important and drinking water is 101% beneficial for health. But what you may not know is that there are certain foods that can work against you, which can actually make you more dehydrated.


All these people already know that coffee is of dehydrating nature. Coffee is also diuretic in nature and more than two cups of coffee can inhibit the reabsorption of sodium in your body. Which can lead to dehydration. Hence, you need to regulate its consumption.


diet soda
A can of any soft drink can quench your thirst, but the sugar present in this cold drink has a hypernatremic effect on your body, it draws water from the tissues. Secondly, soft drinks also contain caffeine, which has a mild diuretic effect on your body.

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Alcohol is a very dehydrating substance, if you sleep after drinking at night, then you feel more thirsty in the morning. Feeling dehydrated after a hangover is common. All this is due to the effect of alcohol on the brain.

high protein intake
If you are on a high protein diet, chances are you may feel dehydrated. In fact, our body uses more water to metabolize the naturally occurring nitrogen in protein, due to which cells can significantly reduce the amount of water, leaving you feeling dehydrated.

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salty snacks
Salt causes dehydration due to the effect of sodium in our body. Your kidneys will accept this flood of salt and try to make up for it by drawing water from elsewhere inside your body, which of course leaves other organs and cells with a lack of fluid. As a result, any food that has a high salt content can cause excessive dehydration for the body.

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