These 6 reasons can be due to abdominal pain in women, do not ignore


Causes of Stomach Pain: Often children, adults are troubled by abdominal pain. Women also have stomach pain at some point in the month due to many reasons. Especially, during the days of periods, stomach pain troubles women the most. It has also been seen that women suffer more abdominal pain than men. Stomach pain can be due to many reasons, in which sometimes mild pain and sometimes very severe pain arises. Mild abdominal pain occurs due to gas formation, bloating, overeating, diarrhoea, burning sensation in the stomach, etc., which gets cured on its own or can also be overcome with home remedies. Sometimes severe abdominal pain arises suddenly and persists, then there may be a medical condition. Many times in women, it can also be due to periods, pregnancy, cysts in the ovaries. Let us know, due to which there can be stomach pain in women.


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causes of abdominal pain in women

stomach pain due to indigestion
onlymyhealth According to a news published in, many times there is discomfort in the upper part of the stomach and the stomach starts feeling full after eating. These are symptoms of indigestion. If you are troubled by the problem of indigestion, there may be burning, discomfort or bloating in the upper abdomen, you may feel uncomfortable after a meal, or you may feel full at the time of eating. You may have nausea. This can happen due to consumption of fatty foods, smoking, anxiety, overeating, eating too often, alcohol, chocolate etc.


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Abdominal pain occurs in periods
Periods are one of the main reasons for women to have abdominal pain every month. Many women have a lot of abdominal pain, abdominal cramps, cramps during menstruation. If you have pain, compress the stomach with a hot water bag. Some home remedies can also remove this pain.


Cysts form in the ovary, cause of abdominal pain
If you have been having stomach pain continuously for a few days, then it may be because of a cyst in the ovary. However, many cysts do not show any symptoms and get better on their own. But, if there is a large cyst in the ovary, then there may be pelvic and abdominal pain. When there is a cyst, there is a very intense pain in the lower part of the abdomen. There can always be a feeling of fullness or heaviness when there is a large ovarian cyst. Sometimes spotting or bleeding can also occur due to cyst in the ovary.

Urinary tract infection causes abdominal pain
Urinary tract infection is more common in women than in men. There may be burning while urinating, foamy urine, abdominal pain, fever etc. The bacteria that cause UTIs also affect the lower abdomen. This can cause a lot of pressure and pain.

Abdominal pain due to pelvic inflammatory disease
Pelvic inflammatory disease is an infection or inflammation of the reproductive organs of women. It can affect ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus. Pelvic inflammatory disease usually occurs when sexually transmitted bacteria from the vagina or cervix spread to other reproductive organs. There are usually no early symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease. If you have chronic pelvic pain or trouble conceiving, then this problem is known. Bowel movement, abdominal pain is more during urination. If you have persistent pelvic pain, then definitely contact the doctor.

Overeating can cause stomach pain
If you eat too much in one go, then stomach pain can start. However, overeating causes stomach pain for a short time and is not acute. Sometimes bad sleeping habits, eating something that causes stomach problems, can also cause pain. Eating upside down damages the digestive system, which can cause mild stomach pain.

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