These symptoms are visible in the body, so there may be sodium deficiency


Symptoms of Low Sodium: To keep the body healthy, it is very important to have a balanced amount of every element. If any element becomes more or less in the body then its side effects start appearing. Sodium is also such an essential element for the body, whose balance is very important. If there is a deficiency of sodium in the body, then many types of symptoms start appearing. Actually, sodium is an electrolyte that is present in our blood. It helps in regulating the amount of water in our body cells. Hyponatremia can also occur if the sodium level in the blood is low.
There may also be one or more reasons for the formation of hyponatremia. Mayo Clinic

According to the news of this, if a person drinks more amount of water than necessary, then the sodium of his body gets diluted. When this happens, the amount of water in the body starts increasing and body cells start swelling. Due to this, many types of problems start appearing. Sometimes it can be fatal as well.

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Symptoms of low sodium in the body
– Nausea and vomiting
– having a headache
– hallucinations
Fatigue, dry throat, loss of body energy
– irritability
Muscle weakness, cramps
– coma

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Due to these reasons sodium may be low
Sodium plays an important role in our body. Due to some medications, there can be a lack of sodium in the body at times.
There can be a deficiency of sodium in the body even if there is a heart related problem, kidney or liver related problems.
When the anti-diuretic hormone is produced in excessive amount in the body, this problem can also occur due to this.
Dehydration occurs due to diarrhea, frequent vomiting. Due to this also there is a deficiency of sodium in the body.
Drinking excessive amount of water can also reduce sodium in the body.
Due to hormonal changes in the body, sodium sometimes becomes low.

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