To avoid heart diseases, take care of these 5 things, life will be tension free



By not brushing the teeth, bacteria can reach the blood stream through the mouth.
Cigarette smoke can prove to be very dangerous for your heart.

Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy: From common people to all the celebrities are battling heart disease. Heart problems are increasing rapidly in today’s run-of-the-mill life. Every year a large number of people lose their lives due to heart attack and cardiac arrest. To keep the heart healthy, people do exercise, yoga and other physical activities. Due to all these activities, the heart gets oxygen smoothly. You will be surprised to know that exercise alone is not enough to keep the heart away from diseases. Apart from this, the heart can be kept healthy by taking care of many things. Get to know about this in detail.


Avoid fried food
Cleveland Clinic reports According to this, eating fried food increases the amount of cholesterol in our liver. This cholesterol can cause many problems for our heart. This substance can also cause blockage in blood flow by accumulating in the blood vessels. This increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. Therefore, instead of fried food, you can take a diet rich in vegetables and fruits. Fruits and vegetables make heart healthy.


keep teeth clean
You will be shocked to hear but dental health has a direct connection with your heart. The bacteria that get built up in your teeth can be removed by brushing. If that bacteria is not cleaned in time, then they can reach the blood stream through the mouth. This can cause heart diseases. You must brush twice a day.


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need to get enough sleep
According to a research, people who sleep only 6 hours a day are at higher risk of heart attack. This risk is less in people who get 7-hour sleep. This means that the better sleep we take, the healthier our heart will be. Instead of waking up late at night, take proper sleep. This will improve heart health as well as mental health.

do physical activity
People associated with the profession often sit in the chair for many hours. Due to this, there is stiffness in many places in his body. Because of this, their blood flow is also affected and the risk of heart-related diseases increases. Such people must do 30 minutes of exercise every day. If this is not possible, walk for about 30 minutes.

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give up cigarettes
There is no doubt that the smoke of a single cigarette can prove to be quite fatal for your heart. According to a research, people who smoke cigarettes have to face more heart problems. The age of the heart of people who smoke also decreases. Drinking too much alcohol is also dangerous for heart health. Stay away from smoking and alcohol today.

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