To improve health, eat more spinach, then know its disadvantages


Spinach Side Effects: Green vegetables are an important part of everyone’s diet. Many dieticians also recommend consuming green vegetables to meet the deficiency of nutrients in the body. In this episode, a name of spinach is also included. Spinach is rich in protein as well as rich in nutrients like iron, zinc and copper. but Eating spinach in excess can also harm your health.

Yes, many times we consume more than anything in the greed of taking more nutrients. But after a certain limit, everything can be harmful for health and spinach is also not beyond it. According to experts, by consuming more spinach, your body may have to suffer instead of benefit. Let us know about the disadvantages of excessive consumption of spinach.


may have kidney stones
Apart from being rich in nutrients, spinach is also rich in oxalic acid. That is why eating spinach in excess can lead to the formation of calcium-oxalate in the body, which can lead to kidney stones.


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There may be nutritional deficiency in the body
In fact, oxalic acid is found in abundance in spinach. Eating more spinach increases the amount of oxalic acid in the body and this acid binds with calcium. Due to which oxalate is formed in the intestines which affects calcium. Due to which deficiency of nutrients can be seen in the body.

can be harmful to children
Eating more spinach can be harmful for children. Actually, spinach contains nitrates, which generally do not affect the human digestive system. But they can be harmful for the health of children.

There is a risk of allergies with medicines
For people taking diabetes medicine, consuming more spinach can be risky. Actually, vitamin ‘K’ is found in abundance in spinach. Which can react with medicines and form blood clots. Diabetes medicine lowers blood pressure and vitamin ‘K’ present in spinach can be combined with medicine and can lower blood pressure very much.

There may be a complaint of pain in the stomach
Along with being rich in nutrients, spinach is also rich in fiber. That is why eating spinach in excess increases the fiber in the body. Due to which problems like gas, acidity, cramps and bloating are seen in the stomach and the problem of stomach pain also becomes common.

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