Told himself to the Delhi Police Commissioner, threatened the lawyer, now the whole matter is open like this – Case registered


Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana Name Photo Misused: The name and photo of Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana are being used in a wrong way. This was revealed when Manjit Singh, a lawyer by profession, received messages filled with threats from an unknown number on his mobile phone. These messages were made through WhatsApp, on which the display profile photo was of Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana. Not only this, when that number was searched on Truecaller, Rakesh Asthana’s name was also shown in it and a uniform photo was put on the profile. After which Manjit Singh sent a complaint to the Delhi Police through email and also wrote full details in it.

At present, the IFSC Unit of Special Cell of Delhi Police has registered an FIR in this regard and is trying to find out who is using the unknown number. According to police sources, on May 21, Delhi Police received a complaint through email. The name of the complainant is Manjit Singh, who has stated his profession as an advocate.


Threatened to implicate in wrong case

He told that he received WhatsApp messages on his mobile phone from an unknown number in which a threat was written that he would be implicated in the wrong case. Apart from this, Manjit Singh also started getting phone calls from the same unknown number. When Manjeet Singh saw on the display profile picture of WhatsApp, the photo of Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana was on it.


Found Rakesh Asthana’s name and photo on Truecaller

When Manjit Singh searched that number on Truecaller, Rakesh Asthana’s name and photo started showing on it too. Manjit Singh complained about this matter to the police. Since the matter is related to cyber crime, the police handed over the matter to the IFSC Unit of the Special Cell. At present, an FIR has been registered in this matter. The complainant has also provided screenshots of the chat and Truecaller to the police. The police is collecting all the information about this number and soon the person using this number will be traced.

Police is investigating the matter

Police say that it will be ascertained how many other people have been threatened with this number, because the name and photo of Delhi Police Commissioner is being used under the guise of this number. At the same time, when contacted the complainant of this case and wanted to talk to him, he said that he does not want to come in front of the media. Whatever the complaint was, it has been given to the Delhi Police. The police is doing its work.

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