Tomato Fever: ‘Tomato fever’ wreaks havoc in Kerala, children below 5 years of age are getting sick, know the symptoms


What is Tomato Fever: These days people are troubled by the increasing cases of tomato fever or tomato flu in Kerala. So far 82 children in the state have come under the grip of tomato fever. After all, what is the main reason for the occurrence of this disease, it is not yet known about it. This disease is affecting children below the age of five years. All 82 patients have been found in Kollam city. The most worrying thing is that this disease is happening only to children. According to local media reports, at present, all the sick children are being treated in the government hospital there. The state health department is monitoring the situation seriously and is also adopting several preventive measures.


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what is tomato fever
DNAIndia According to a news published in, tomato fever is also called tomato flu. It is a viral infection, affecting children below the age of 5. Most of the affected children are showing symptoms like rashes, skin irritation, dehydration, blisters on the skin. It is still not confirmed whether this unknown tomato fever is a viral fever or the result of side effects after having chikungunya or dengue fever. Probably this viral infection got its name because of tomato flu because these blisters, blisters are usually circular and red in color.

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Symptoms of Tomato Fever
Its main symptoms include dehydration, skin rashes, skin irritation or itching. A red rash the size of a tomato appears on the body of the child affected by this infection. Along with this, symptoms like very high fever, swelling in the joints, fatigue, body ache can also be seen. Irritation can occur in the mouth of an infected child due to dehydration. Mouth can be dry. A change in the color of hands, knees, buttocks is also another symptom. Some may also feel very thirsty.

Tips to prevent tomato fever

If the child is seeing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, consult a doctor immediately.
Give boiled clean water to the infected child, so that he can stay hydrated.
Avoid touching or itching the blisters or rashes.
Maintain adequate cleanliness, hygiene around the house and the child.
Take a bath with warm water.
Keep distance from the infected person.
– Eat healthy diet.

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