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Today, the technological era is at its pace. At each and every field we see the use of technology, whether it’s school, learning, software or hardware development, and the latest advancement in bio-technological growth, due to the demand for research growth in this field, after the outbreak of the current pandemic

One of the implementations of technology is gadgets. These gadgets make our life easier by saving our time with a comfortable finish to our work. For instance, our mobile phone comforts us with so many features, of which we all are aware. 

Today, in this blog, you will see three different products which make sketching and painting easier and creative. Also, we will have a detailed look at a laptop stand, which safeguards our laptop with ease of comfort. These products are:


  • Wacom  Graphic Tablet
  • The AutoStory  Touch Screen Pen
  • Multipurpose portable laptop study table

Wacom  Graphic Tablet

Wacom graphics tablet is a new experience with digital drawing. The  tablet consists of a pen which is a responsive, ergonomic and pressure-sensitive pen. This gives you a natural way to sketch, draw, paint or edit photos. It is lightweight as the pen does not need a battery for its operation. This gives you a perfect balance and comfortable feel, like that of a pen and paper. You get the amazing feel and range of choices for showing your creativity.

This pen gives you control over the advanced electromagnetic pen technology.  This helps you to sketch and paint more precisely with excellent control and accuracy. It is designed to meet the needs professionally, taking you to the next level of creativity. Thus taking into account all minute needs and specifications.

Features and details:

  • Responsive: This pen is made with electromagnetic technology, which makes it responsive with the technology.
  • Pressure-sensitive : The pen is designed to give you the feel similar to a sketch with pen and paper. It can handle pressure up to 2048. 
  • Battery-free : This pen does not need any battery for its operation. This makes it lightweight, which gives you an amazing experience with  sketch and paint.


How to use it? 

Follow the given steps:

  • Plug the USB cable into the computer and  your tablet.
  • Download and install the driver as per your operating system.
  • If your OS is Windows then you restart your computer, otherwise there is no need to do this step in other OS like Mac.
  • Unplug your tablet.
  • Open the Bluetooth setting or preferences on your computer.
  • Press the power button of your computer as instructed.
  • Then, switch on your computer, select “One by Wacom”.
  • Your tablet will then automatically get on. You can start doing your work.
  • Allows natural drawing.
  • Keen sensitive pressure detector.
  • Does not require battery for operation.
  • Additional driver needs to be installed for support.
  • Limited compatibility.
  • Suited for general use.
  • High cost. button button


Q. What is Wacom Tablet?

Wacom is a pen tablet designed for the graphic designer or digital artist. This helps in sketching and painting digitally with an experience of the next level of creativity.

Q. Do I need to charge the wacom pen?

No, there is no need as this pen is battery free.

Q. Is wacom tablet adaptable with all systems?

To use Wacom tablet your system must be of window 7 and later versions of window,  OS X 10.10 or later, and with standard USB type-A port.  Also it should have internet accessibility to download the driver.

Q. What is the maximum pressure level of this pen?

It can handle pressure on tips up to 2048.

Q. How many colors are available for the pen?

This pen is available in two colors i.e. Red, and Black.

Q.  Is this pen only for sketching?

No, this pen is a package of all the coloring tools. It is designed with engineering technology to take your art to the next level.

 Q. What is the weight of this pen?

This pen weighs 432g.

Q. What is the Dimension of the Wacom tablet?

The Product dimensions are (18.9 x 27.7 x 0.9) cm.

Q. From where can I buy this product?

It can be bought from the wacom website and online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart.

The Auto Story  Touch screen Pen

This is an amazing time to explore your talent. And what could be better than your smartphone.

The touchscreen pen is designed to give you the real feel of a pen on a smartphone. This pen can be used to write, draw and paint on smartphones. 

This pen is made from stainless steel and aluminium. This pen is compatible with all touchscreen devices like Apple, Android, Window smartphones and 5V tablets.

The pen tip is made of rubber which can be replaced. Its durable nature makes the tip soft. The stylus tip has a smaller radius  when compared with regular capacitive stylus tips, which gives a perfect finish to your work. 

The soft tip can be used daily for 2-5 months. Then the product is disposed of.


Features and details:

  • Accuracy : The radius is 0.09-0.12 inch. This size gives it a perfect tip to select small icons, smaller to smaller links, thus making its accuracy high.
  • Compatible: The stylus is compatible with smartphones of  Apple, Android, Windows and other tables.
  • Comfortable: The tip is made from rubber and the body is made from stainless steel and aluminium to give it a comfortable real pen-like feeling.
  • Replaceable tip: The tip is made of rubber which can be replaced after its use.
  • Compatible with touch screen devices.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • High endurance. 
  • Perfect precision.
  • Do not work with gloved fingers.
  • Pressure insensitive button
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Q.  Is this product reliable and scratch free?

Yes, this product is reliable. Also, its tip is made of rubber which makes it comfortable and smoother on smartphones.

Q. Is this product compatible with Apple phones?

Yes, it is compatible with all smartphones.

Q. Can it be used for drawing?

Yes, it can be.

Q. How many tips we get in the packet?

The package includes 1 pcs stylus and 20 extra replacement tips.

Q. From where can I buy this product?

It can be bought from online shopping sites like Amazon.

Multipurpose portable laptop study table     

A table is good for study. It is found that studying on a table increases the concentration level. This product is designed for fulfilling the same. 

The laptop table is made of high quality wood and steel. This increases resistance to weight. There is an anti-slip bar to support the device. 

There is a double knob which is used for height adjustment and tabletop swivel rotation up to 360 degree. It has high flexibility and mobility.


Features and details:

  • Multipurpose: The table can be used to keep books, laptop, and other gadgets. It can hold weight up to 10 kilograms. It is used for studying, doing breakfast. It can also be very useful for patients on bed rest.
  • Adjustable height: The table has been provided with a knob through which you can adjust the height of the table according to the work. It has three levels of adjustment for your comfort.
  • Ergonomic and stylish design: The product has stylish features which give this device a decent look.
  • Easy movement: The stand has four caster wheels with safety wheel locks, which makes it safely movable. You can keep it at any place, as required.
  • Safeguards laptop: It has a safety edge stopper which is an anti-slip bar, which gives support to the laptop, and with the angle adjuster, one can set the table desk to any angle and fix it.
  • Easy to assemble: Tools provided can be easily assembled within 10-20 minutes. A set up manual is provided with the package for your ease.
  • Adjustable with height.
  • Stable stand.
  • Portable.
  • Multipurpose.
  • Cannot handle high pressure on screw.
  • Cannot withstand load above 10 kg. button


Q. For how long can I use the table?

The table can be used at any time and anywhere.

Q. What is the maximum height?

The maximum height of the table is 90 cm.

Q. Is this table only for laptops?

No, this product can be used for keeping books, e-learning, holding other objects, and even doing breakfast.

Q. Is this comfortable to use?

Yes, this product is designed for giving you a comfortable feel and ease of use.

Q. From where can I buy this product?

It can be bought from online shopping sites like Amazon.



The Graphics tablet, the touchscreen pen and the multipurpose laptop stand has been designed to make your life easier with technology. The graphics tablet is used on computers, the touchscreen pen is used on smartphones, and the multipurpose laptop stand is used for keeping these things on it, and using it comfortably. 

These products are fully verified products. These are designed to give your smoother experience with your work. Buy these products as per your requirement and passion and make your life better. These all will give you a better feel with the growing world of technology. 


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