Verdict on Om Prakash Chautala’s sentence in disproportionate assets case reserved, will be announced on Friday


Disproportionate Assets Case: Rouse Avenue Court of Delhi reserved the verdict after hearing on the conviction of former Haryana Chief Minister Om Prakash Chautala convicted in the disproportionate assets case. The court will pronounce the verdict on the sentence at 2 pm on Friday. Chautala reached the court with his security even before the court started at 10 am on Thursday afternoon. During the debate on the sentence, Prakash Chautala BK lawyer appealed for minimum punishment citing his disability, ill health and age of 87 years.


Chautala’s lawyer said in the court, ‘Chautala’s age is 87 years. Right now 90% is disabled. Can’t even move without any help. They have asthma. Pacemaker is fitted. There are many health related diseases. Treatment is going on in Medanta, Gurugram. Chautala’s lawyer argued that he has served a 10-year sentence in the JBT recruitment scam. The amount of time he was in jail should also be considered in this matter.


Chautala’s lawyer demands minimum punishment
The lawyer told that also look at Chautala’s good behavior in jail. In this case, even in the court, he never requested to postpone the hearing. Always cooperated in the court process. On the other hand, the CBI lawyer protested and demanded the harshest punishment. The CBI counsel said that the post in which Chautala was holding has a big meaning. He was a leader elected by the people. If a peon signs, nothing happens, but if a ruler signs, a lot changes.


CBI lawyer demands strict punishment
The CBI said that you are the leader, people obey your every order, if the leader does this type of corruption, then what will be its effect in the society, the court should not take any kind of leniency in this matter. CBI’s lawyer said that corruption is like cancer for the society, in the case of corruption, the court should give such punishment so that an example can be set in the society. CBI’s lawyer said that the law is equal for all, the ruler has no freedom to do anything illegally, whatever the law makers say and do, the public follows it, their wrong conduct also affects them. .

Court will announce punishment on Friday
CBI’s lawyer said that if the law makers commit the crime, then what will be its effect on the public, Chautala should be given maximum punishment and maximum fine of Rs. After hearing the arguments of both the sides, the court reserved its decision. The court will pronounce the verdict on the sentence at 2 pm on Friday.

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