What causes dizziness when getting up from the bottom? Expert told these 3 reasons


Causes of Dizziness: Many people often complain of dizziness. Most of the people feel this problem in the morning or after getting up suddenly from downstairs, after getting up from sleep. The problem of dizziness is common. Many times there is also dizziness due to lack of blood in the body, but if every day you have frequent complaints of dizziness or spinning of the head, then it can also be a sign of some serious disease. Dr. Shrey Srivastava, Senior Resident-Internal Medicine, Sharda Hospital (Noida)

Telling about the main causes of dizziness. Let’s know-

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low blood pressure
Dizziness usually occurs when there is a sudden drop in blood pressure. If you get up or stand suddenly, it may feel worse. This is felt because sometimes some reactions in the blood are felt late when moving. It can also be felt in elderly people due to the problem of postural hypotension. Because of this, the dizziness can be felt for three minutes or more after standing.


brain tumor
In some severe cases, dizziness can also be a sign of a brain tumor. This tumor starts growing in the area that controls the balance of the brain. Because of this, you have trouble in balancing.

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Stress puts extra load on the brain and it first affects the person mentally, later its effect starts appearing physically as well. Because of which people who worry more or something is eating them, they feel dizzy at any time.

remedies to prevent dizziness
Make lifestyle changes. Do not smoke and consume alcohol. Try to keep blood pressure normal. Do not consume such things, whose effect increases or decreases blood pressure. Reduce taking stress. Try to be happy. Drink sufficient amount of water. Don’t stand up straight when you wake up. Stay away from brightly lit devices. Get your body checked regularly. Also keep doing blood pressure checkup in this. Take healthy diet. Get proper sleep. Many times, due to lack of blood in the body, there is a problem of fatigue, dizziness, in such a situation, eat foods rich in iron.

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