What is the right time to workout in summer? Learn from experts, what to keep in mind


Workout in Summer: Exercising daily is very important for everyone to stay healthy. However, going to the gym or exercising at home, it will be beneficial only if you practice it in a proper way and at the right time. Some people exercise for hours even in the heat, which can harm you instead of benefiting. Dr. Pradeep Shah, General Physician, Fortis Hospital (Mulund, Mumbai) It is said that winter season is the best for exerc ise, but now people have become so alert about their health that even in summer they do workouts for hours. Nowadays all gyms have AC, so there is not much problem. Despite this, workouts should be done little in the summer days. Actually, the climate outside is very hot, so this is not a better season to exercise. If you are starting to exercise for the first time, then it is better that you start it in winter.


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what happens when you work out in summer


Dr. Pradeep Shah says that when you exercise in the heat, there is more stress on the body. Exercising in summer heats up the body, which also puts a load on the heart. If you exercise in hot climates, there is no AC, then the basal metabolic rate or BMR (Basal metabolic rate) of the body also increases. Due to this, more load comes on the system of the body, such as heart, kidney etc. have to work more.

When to exercise in summer
Dr. Shah further says that whether it is summer or winter, the best time to exercise is in the morning. If the heat is high, then before exercising, take a bath with cold water. After this do exercise or workout and then when the body cools down a bit, after having breakfast you take a bath again. This will make the body feel relaxed. If you are doing exercise in a place with AC, then this is the best. Exercising causes more sweating, so water should be consumed a lot.

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what to keep in mind
Dr. Shah says that in the summer days cardio exercises like walking, jogging, running should be done. You can do 45 minutes of workout. If you do workouts for building muscles, then doing 20-30 minutes in summer is enough. People who have any problem like heart problem, asthma, lung problem, then they should not do heavy exercise. Instead, you can walk or jog. Avoid heavy exercise after dinner. You can take a walk if you want.

If you are addicted to exercise, you cannot live without exercising, then drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Drink lemonade, electrolytes etc. Due to this there is a decrease in energy, electrolytes due to sweating, which again starts getting to the body. Eat healthy seasonal vegetables and fruits in the diet. Swimming is also the best option in the summer season. With this exercise, the body temperature will not increase as well. Wear cotton clothes during exercise, so that there is no heat, sweat dries up.

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