WhatsApp Reactions rollout from today, starting with 6 emoji


Often users share emoji in response to a message on WhatsApp. However, there is no definite pattern to this. For example, if you want to laugh in response to someone’s message, then someone sends only a light smile emoji, while someone shares an emoji showing teeth. Its solution is coming as WhatsApp Reactions. It will start rolling out from today. After this, users will get a set pattern of emoji, which can be sent as a reaction. Initially, 6 such emoji will be available for users. These include- Like, Love, Laugh, Surprise, Sad and Thanks. However, WhatsApp and emoji are also being tested. All emoji will be part of the WhatsApp reaction in the coming days.


Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the Meta-owned brand instagram story Through this announcement. As we have told you, initially only 6 WhatsApp reactions will be available for the users. Some of these have also been highlighted by Zuckerberg in his Instagram story.


However, in a future update, users can be allowed to use any emoji, GIF or sticker in Messenger for WhatsApp reaction. It is said that many more tests are also going on. In one of these, users will get the option of emoji keyboard after tapping on the plus button. However, this feature is only at the development stage.


The WhatsApp React feature is being tested since 2018. In a big disclosure last month, WhatsApp had said that many features will be brought on WhatsApp Groups through communities. Apart from this, it was told that in the coming days, 32 people will be able to connect in a group voice call simultaneously. You will be able to share files up to 2GB in size. In addition, the group admin will be able to delete any message in the group at any time. That conversation will not be visible to the rest of the group members.

Recently, it was also revealed that the limit for forwarding messages in group chats on WhatsApp will be fixed. This update was seen on WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS. This prevents forwarded messages from being forwarded in group chats. Its purpose is to prevent the spread of misinformation. According to reports, WhatsApp has come up with a rule to limit spamming contacts, under which forwarded messages cannot be forwarded to more than one group at a time. It was seen on WhatsApp beta on Android and iOS.

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