Who is the most successful leader of BJP after Modi? Election strategist Prashant Kishor replied


Prashant Kishor on BJP: There was a lot of speculation about election strategist Prashant Kishor, in which the biggest question was whether PK is going to join Congress? But Prashant Kishor himself dismissed all such speculations. Also told that he is going to focus on Bihar. Meanwhile, Prashant Kishor reached the special show press conference of ABP News, where he answered all the tough questions.


Amit Shah more powerful than Yogi – PK
Prashant Kishor was asked a variety of questions from BJP to Congress and JDU in this show. But in the rapid fire round, when Prashant Kishor was asked who can be the most successful leader of BJP after Modi? So in response to this question, he took the name of Home Minister Amit Shah. He said that, in today’s date, Amit Shah seems to be such a leader. Although PK in question Yogi Adityanath

option was also given.

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Why was there a difference of opinion with the Congress?
After the discussion of Prashant Kishor going to Congress, he himself had made it clear that he was not going to do so. On this, when he was asked whether he was seeking the post of General Secretary in the party? Responding, he said, according to the present Congress constitution, arrangements have been made to do all the work. This is not right. PK said that I had suggested some necessary changes in the Congress which the party did not accept.

Is Prashant Kishor going to be a leader? On this question, PK said that, I am going to take out a padyatra in Bihar, only after which the decision will be taken. I told after the results of West Bengal elections that I will not work as an election strategist. I took a year. After which it has now been decided to go to your state Bihar and make an effort there. I will establish a dialogue with the public there, only after which a decision will be taken.

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