WHO released data regarding deaths due to corona in India, Health Ministry raised questions


WHO On India’s Covid Deaths: According to the WHO, more people have died in India than the official figure, after which India has questioned the methods of WHO’s assessment as well as the validity of the mathematical model adopted. Information about how long the data was taken by WHO, has also not been given.

In a statement issued by the Union Health Ministry, it has been said that India has been continuously objecting to the methodology adopted by the WHO to estimate the high mortality rate on the basis of mathematical models. Despite India’s objection to the process, methodology and outcome of this modeling exercise, the WHO has issued additional mortality estimates without adequately addressing India’s concerns.


‘The system of registration of births and deaths in India is very strong’
India had also informed WHO that in view of the availability of authentic data published by the Registrar General of India (RGI) through the Civil Registration System (CRS), mathematical models could be used to project additional death numbers for India. should not be done. The system of registration of births and deaths in India is very strong and is governed by the decades old statutory legal framework i.e. “Birth and Death Registration Act 1969”. India therefore firmly believes that such robust and accurate data generated through the legal framework of a Member State should be respected and less relied on mathematical inference based on non-official sources of data.


Since November, Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan wrote 10 letters to the WHO in this regard, but the WHO did not respond to any letter. At the same time, question was raised about such data during WHO’s visit to India by DG Tedros. At the same time, the Ministry of Health says that India has repeatedly questioned the WHO’s mathematical model that the data in relation to 17 Indian states was obtained from some websites and media reports and the mathematical model was used for that. On what basis were the 17 states selected? The names of these states were told after 4 months on our constant questioning.


Health Ministry raised questions on keeping India in Tier-2
At the same time, the Union Health Ministry has also raised questions on keeping India in Tier-2. Whereas small countries where there is no proper mechanism to include data, they have been kept in Tier-1. At present, according to the sources of the Ministry of Health, India will not remain silent, will use all official channels. Objections on this data will also be placed in the executive board. Also, the data of 2020 has already been given and the data of 2021 which is to come will also be given.

Till May 5 in India, a total of 5,23,975 people have died due to corona. So far, a total of 4 crore 30 lakh 91 thousand 393 corona infection cases have been reported in India in which 4 crore 25 lakh 47 thousand 699 patients have been cured. At the same time, there are 19,719 active cases in the country – that is, those who are still infected and are undergoing treatment.

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