Whoever becomes the president, will the remote control remain with the Gandhi family? Shock to know the answer


ABP News C Voter Survey: These days the Congress party is taking out the India Jodo Yatra in view of the preparations for 2024. It is believed that the last two Lok Sabha elections will strengthen the Congress, which is facing political exile. Along with this, the process is also going on in the Congress to elect a president other than the Gandhi family. In such a situation, ABP News along with C Voters has done a quick survey and asked many questions to the people.


It was asked in the survey that whoever becomes the Congress President, but the remote control will remain with the Gandhi family? In response to the survey, 65 percent people have answered yes, while 35 percent people refused to talk about it.


Whoever becomes the Congress President, the remote control will remain with the Gandhi family?
1. Yes – 65%
2. No – 35%

Who is in the fray for the presidency
Ashok Gehlot’s name is leading for the elections for the post of Congress President. It is believed that Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot is a trustee of the Gandhi family and he is the first choice for the post of president. So the name of Thiruvananthapuram MP Shashi Tharoor is also coming up. It is believed that he can also contest for the post of president.

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