Why is ‘International No Diet Day’ celebrated, know the history and importance of this day


International No Diet Day 2022: ‘International No Diet Day’ is celebrated all over the world on 6 May. Celebrating this day was started by British lady Mary Evans in the UK in the year 1992. The purpose of celebrating this day by this woman was to make people understand that whether they are fat or thin, they should accept themselves in any case.

Today ‘International No Diet Day’ is being celebrated all over the world. On this day, where many types of programs are organized publicly. So at the same time some people enjoy this day with their friends and relatives and do various activities. Let us know about the history and importance of this day.


Why is ‘International No Diet Day’ celebrated?

The reason behind celebrating ‘International No Diet Day’ is to focus on body acceptance, bypassing the formula to get the body in shape. In fact, in today’s era, most people are struggling with the problem of obesity and obesity is considered to be the cause of diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, joint pain and high BP. For this reason, experts recommend taking a balanced diet, so that obesity can be avoided.


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However, many times people start following dieting in such a way that they forget to enjoy life. That is why while celebrating the day of ‘International No Diet Day’, dieters are given a chance to eat food of their choice. So that people can forget their increasing weight and enjoy life while loving themselves.

Since when is this day celebrated

The celebration of ‘International No Diet Day’ was started in the UK by British woman Mary Evans in the year 1992. The reason for celebrating this day was that people should accept themselves as they look and should not be ashamed of their body shape. Also, be aware of the disadvantages caused by dieting.

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Actually, Mary Evans was battling a disease called anorexia. This is a disease that is related to food and the risk of gaining weight increases significantly. Mary started an organization called Diet Breaker and through this she celebrated ‘International No Diet Day’ for the first time.

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