Why is it important to keep mangoes in water for 30 minutes before eating? Know 5 Benefits


As soon as the summer season comes, the mango season is also in full swing. As the summer progresses, different types of mangoes appear in the market. Once you go to the market, the fragrance of Mango pulls you away from afar. The special thing is that this king of fruits helps a lot in keeping your body cool in summer. That’s why people include mango in the diet in different ways. However, people soak mango in water for some time before eating it. Although this is the way of Nani-Dadi’s era, but it is still effective today.

Experts say that soaking mango in water before eating it is very beneficial for health. With this, you can save yourself from not one, but many problems. Often people think that dirt or chemicals on mango can also be the reason behind doing this. Which is also true to a large extent, but apart from this, there are many such reasons, which you are unaware of. If you start eating mangoes immediately after bringing them from the market, then it can be harmful for your health. Know the benefits of soaking mango for 30 minutes.


skin problem will go away
According to nutritionist Divya Gandhi, mango should be soaked in water for at least 30 minutes before eating. After this the food will be better for the skin. You must have also noticed in childhood that many children who used to eat more mangoes, used to get boils. Even today this happens with many people, many people start having pimples, acne or other skin problems after eating mangoes. Apart from this, constipation, headache or other problems related to stomach have to be caused by two or four. In such a situation, soaking it in water for some time can get rid of the hot effect of mango.


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chemicals will go away
Harmful insecticides and insecticides are used in mango trees and plants. These can be toxic to your body. If they go into your body, then allergies, skin irritation or other serious problems can occur. Many times, problems like headache, nausea are also caused by eating mangoes without soaking them. So dip it in water and leave it for some time and then eat it.

burns fat
Mango is helpful in burning fat. Mangoes are strong in phytochemicals, so when we keep it to absorb water, their concentration decreases, and they act as natural fat busters.

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Maintains body temperature
Eating mango raises the temperature of the body, due to which thermogenics are produced. However, soaking the mango in water for a while will help reduce it. Actually, increased thermogenic production can cause problems like acne, constipation, headache.

get rid of phytic acid
Phytic acid is a type of nutrition, which can be both good and bad for your body. It is considered an antinutrient, which prevents the body from absorbing iron, zinc, calcium and other minerals. Due to which there is a deficiency of minerals in the body. At the same time, not only mango but other fruits, vegetables and nuts also contain natural molecule ie phytic acid. Phytic acid generates heat in the body, so keeping it in water for some time removes it.

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