Will Rahul Gandhi get suspended from the Lok Sabha due to this move of BJP?


Rahul Gandhi gave a speech in the British Parliament. After this, BJP alleged that Rahul Gandhi has insulted the democracy of the country. Although Congress and Rahul Gandhi have been rejecting these allegations. Now BJP has asked Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla to constitute a special committee.

This committee will find out whether Rahul Gandhi really insulted the country’s democracy during his visit. . If this happens in reality, then Rahul Gandhi can be suspended from the Parliament.

What did Rahul Gandhi say and why did BJP get angry?

28 February Rahul Gandhi had said in Cambridge University that everyone knows that Indian democracy is under attack. Parliament, Press, Judiciary… all have been compelled. The solution will come from within… But democracy means that everything should be done with the consent of the people… In such a situation, it is like a downfall of democracy. 

BJP has attacked Rahul Gandhi’s statement. Describing the statement as derogatory, the BJP says that this statement is a well-planned conspiracy by the Congress. As a strategy, Congress is trying to defame BJP outside the country. 

BJP is considering the issue of Rahul Gandhi very serious. BJP says that we want it to be taken with utmost sensitivity.  Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju has said that this matter is a ‘breach of privilege’ and we have to deal with it  Will use ‘all available means, rules, laws and traditions’.

Rijiju had said that, ‘anything related to the nation is a matter of concern for all. In such a situation, we will not care whether the Congress or its leadership  What is the situation going through at present, if any party insults the country, we cannot remain silent.


Rijiju argued that at present the anti-India forces speak the same language. Is. They speak in the same rhythm. Rahul Gandhi has also used similar language.  This is the language of all those who work against India.

Kiren Rijiju also said that what Rahul said has harmed the country and the House of which he is a member… People are not worried about the prestige of the country.  It is necessary that we take a stand against such people, if we do not do this, the country will not forgive us.

He said that it is not our fault that the country does not support Rahul Gandhi. But this does not mean that they should insult the country in foreign countries. Whatever Rahul has said, not only the BJP, but the whole country is worried. 


Rijiju also justified BJP’s demand for an apology from Rahul Gandhi in both the Houses. But Rahul Gandhi says that he has not given any anti-India statement, and if allowed, he will speak in the Parliament. 

BJP MP Nishikant Dubey questioned Gandhi’s unethical conduct in the House. Wrote a letter to the chairman. Dubey gave notice under Rule 223 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Lok Sabha  Rahul Gandhi’s statement  ‘Indian Parliament, Democracy, Judiciary, on foreign soil’ insulted.

Is what Rahul said a breach of privilege of Parliament?

Constitutional expert Subhash C Kashyap, who was the secretary-general of the seventh, eighth and ninth Lok Sabha, told The Indian Express that it is for the House to decide whether Rahul Gandhi has committed a breach of privilege or contempt of the House. Is. The house has the right to take a complete decision in this matter. 

Rahul’s allegation that whenever an opposition MP speaks, his mike is switched off. In such a situation, this can also be a Committee of Privileges matter, because it can be seen as an insult to the Speaker. Rahul says that democracy is really under attack in India and this statement is not a violation of the privilege of Parliament. will decide that "contempt" When will it be considered.

What is the legal basis for setting up a special committee?

Subhash C Kashyap told The Indian Express that there is always a need to set up a special committee. The legal basis of the Act is decided by the House itself.  For this “The House can constitute a committee and can fix conditions for it. That is, it completely depends on the power of the House. 


According to Indian Express, according to Kashyap "A special committee may be constituted by moving a resolution for the establishment of such committee and its terms of reference. He told the Indian Express, " After the decision of the House, it is necessary to define the crime before punishing anyone.".

He said that this is not the first time. A committee similar to the one set up in 2008 to investigate the note-for-vote scam may be set up to investigate and punish the MP. 

In the Ethics Committee of the Lok Sabha "Moral and ethical conduct of the members" There is already a mechanism in place to see However, BJP is not looking at Rahul Gandhi’s case like the previous cases. The BJP wants Rahul Gandhi’s case to be seen like the investigation of the 2005 cash-for-query scandal. Means BJP in this matter  Wants to set up a special committee. 

Why was the 2005 committee set up and what were its results? 

12 December On 2005, a private TV channel aired a sting operation conducted by the online portal Cobrapost. In this, 10 Lok Sabha and one Rajya Sabha MP were claimed to have accepted cash in lieu of asking questions in Parliament. Of the 11 accused MPs, six belonged to the BJP, three to the BSP and one each to the RJD and the Congress. 

The alleged action of the MPs was exposed as unethical and corrupt. The Lok Sabha had constituted a five-member committee to investigate this. It included VK Malhotra (BJP), Ram Gopal Yadav (Samajwadi Party), Mohd Salim (CPI-M) and C Kuppusamy (DMK) as members, along with Congress MP and then Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal. were involved. 

What happened in the special committee?

In its 38-page report tabled in the Lok Sabha, the committee said that 10 The charges against the MPs have been proved. It was pointed out that a resolution was moved by Jawaharlal Nehru in the Provisional Parliament of 1951. In this motion, any member accepting money in return for advocating any issue in the Parliament will be completely abhorred.  On December 24, 2005, the Parliament voted to expel 11 MPs.

The BJP strongly protested after such action on six of its MPs. VK Malhotra said in a dissent note "I am not supporting one side to set a precedent but I am against no proper procedure being followed to expel a member from the house." Malhotra argued that "Only a court can take any legal action against someone".

After a five-hour debate on the panel’s report, BJP members staged a walkout before voting.  The then Leader of the Opposition LK Advani compared the expulsion "capital punishment" Was from.  During the debate, some members said that the expulsion of the members is in the near future.  Can set a dangerous precedent.

What will happen now in the Rahul case?

Experts say that BJP still has absolute majority. In this case, if a committee is really formed, it will go against Rahul only. The committee usually submits its report in a month. During a month she will sit everyday and call Rahul Gandhi to explain. 

It cannot be said clearly whether BJP really wants Rahul Gandhi to be suspended or not. Some experts believe that the party only wants to keep the pressure on him.  

Knowing that Rahul should not be suspended, they argue that some MPs of the ruling party fear that If Rahul is suspended, he may gain public sympathy and political attraction. Rahul’s suspension for a period would mean that Wayanad would have no representative in the House for that period. 

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