With the help of CPR, you can save the life of your loved ones in an emergency, definitely know these things


How to Save Life with CPR Technique: If a person has a heart attack, it is very important to give CPR immediately to save his life. The first few minutes of a heart attack are very important for the patient. The sensible step taken during this time plays an important role in saving the life of the patient. Some time ago Shane Warne, the famous bowler of Australia, also died of a heart attack. During this, his friends and medical experts tried to save his life by giving Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). However they could not be saved. Let us know how someone’s life can be saved with the help of CPR and what is the way of giving CPR.


What is CPR
myoclinic According to, CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) is a life saving technique which is used to save lives in many emergency situations. For example, heart attack, stoppage of heart beat, stop breathing etc.

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Effects of giving CPR
CPR is a type of medical procedure in which a person’s heart is reactivated by pressing the chest and breathing through the mouth until the breath stops or until the heartbeat becomes normal. Due to this, the blood already present in the body starts circulating. There is no need of any kind of equipment or tools to do this. If you learn this technique from an expert then you can save many lives in emergency.

What is CAB Formula
According to the American Heart Association, the CAB spelling has been created to remember the steps of the correct technique of CRP.
C-Compressions – With the help of compression, the patient’s heart is pressed with the help of his hands, which is the most important step of CRP.
A-Airway – In the second step, the respiratory airway is cleared through the nose and mouth.
B – Breathing – The third step is breathing in which you breathe by blowing the patient’s mouth or nose through your mouth.


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take this caution
The person giving CPR should not lose the balance of his mind and do not panic after seeing the condition of the patient.
Before giving CPR, do not forget to call the ambulance or ask someone else to call.
Before giving CPR, check the patient’s carotid pulse to know how his breathing is going.
If the patient is conscious, then talk to him and try to understand his problem.
If the patient is unconscious, then to give CPR, make the patient (child or elder whoever) lie on the back on the floor.
Keep in mind that the hands and feet of the patient should not be twisted.
-The person giving CPR should take care that he should keep his elbows and hands straight. It should not turn. Otherwise the pressure on the chest will not apply properly.
Give breath through mouth properly.
When the ambulance arrives, explain the correct position of the patient to the doctor and also tell how he has given CPR.

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