World AIDS Vaccine Day 2022: Today is World AIDS Vaccine Day, know the history and importance of this day


World Aids Vaccine Day 2022: Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is such a disease, due to which millions of people lose their lives every year around the world due to lack of awareness. To overcome this problem of the people, every year on May 18, ‘World AIDS Vaccine Day’ is celebrated all over the world and efforts are made to spread the information about its vaccine from door to door. The purpose of this special day is to increase awareness among people about the prevention of AIDS and its vaccine. Not only this, doctors treating AIDS patients are also respected on this day. Special respect is also given to the scientists doing research in this direction and contributing to the development of the vaccine.


History of World AIDS Vaccine Day
On May 18, 1997, a speech was given by US President Bill Clinton at Morgan State University and on the basis of this it was decided that this day should be celebrated as World AIDS Vaccination Day. In his speech, Bill Clinton said that in the coming decade, AIDS should be eliminated through vaccine. Since this speech, there has been a hope among people all over the world that AIDS can be eliminated.


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What is AIDS after all?
In patients suffering from AIDS, its virus badly damages white blood cells (known as infection-fighting cells), which completely destroys the body’s immunity. Gradually, the patient’s condition becomes serious and if not treated at the right time, the person dies.

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This is how World AIDS Vaccine Day is celebrated
On this day, discussions are held between scientists and doctors regarding AIDS vaccine and big seminars are organized. Programs are organized to make students aware about the history of AIDS vaccine and important things related to it. Doctors treating AIDS patients are also given respect on this day. While the scientists doing research in this direction and contributing to the development of the vaccine are also given special respect.

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