World Hypertension Day 2022: Can blood pressure be controlled without drugs? Here are the solutions


How To Control High Blood Pressure: If high blood pressure has been identified even after all the checkups, then it can definitely be a worrying situation for you. You must be thinking of ways to avoid taking medicines, but many people would be advising that it is impossible to cure it without taking medicines. But, this is not completely true. Mayo Clinic According to a report published in, your lifestyle plays an important role in controlling your blood pressure. In such a situation, if you follow a healthy lifestyle, then your blood pressure can be controlled. Let us know how you can control your blood pressure without the use of medicines.

lose weight
With increasing weight, your blood pressure also increases. In such a situation, it is important that you reduce the size of your waist and adopt measures to burn fat.


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exercise required
When you exercise, it improves your blood circulation, makes your heart work better, strengthens the lungs and also reduces extra fat from the body. In this way it also helps in controlling blood pressure.

eat healthy
Include those things in the food which are healthy. For example, eat cereals, fruits, all kinds of vegetables, milk, eggs etc. and stay away from saturated fat. Maintain a diary of what you eat or drink. Include potassium in the food and do not buy those things which are injurious to health.


stay away from sodium
Reduce the amount of sodium in the food and limit the amount of salt. For this, you should stay away from processed food, pizza, burger etc.

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distance from alcohol
Alcohol is a major cause of your blood pressure problem. In such a situation, reduce the amount of alcohol as far as possible and drink more and more water.

abstinence from smoking
Smoking has a direct effect on your blood pressure, so quit smoking as soon as possible.

reduce stress
Stress is a part of today’s life that you cannot control, but find ways to reduce its effects. For example, do yoga and meditation. Take measures to overcome stress and think that everything will be fine.

BP monitor
If you do not want to resort to medicines, then keep monitoring your BP on your own at home. If the blood pressure is getting too high or low even after doing all these things, then consult a doctor.

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