World Thalassemia Day 2022: Know when this day started, history and importance


World Thalassemia Day 2022 , Every year on 8 May, ‘World Thalassemia Day’ is celebrated all over the world. Thalassemia is a blood related disease, which is genetic. This disease is passed from parent to generation from generation to generation. In this disease, which occurs in children since childhood, children have to take blood banks again and again. In this disease, the patient starts losing more than the need of blood, due to which he has to get blood transfusion from outside. Due to lack of blood, hemoglobin is not produced in the patient’s body and they get anemia. The patient needs a blood transfusion every two to three weeks to survive.


History of World Thalassemia Day
For the first time in the year 1994, the idea of ??celebrating ‘World Thalassemia Day’ was considered. In the same year, Thalassemia International Federation dedicated the day of May 8 to Thalassemia patients and this day was established to spread awareness among the general public about the struggle of patients suffering from this disease. Then Jorge Anglejos worked as the president and founder of this Thalassemia International Federation.


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what is the importance
Thalassemia is a disease about which most of the people lack awareness. This special day is celebrated every year on this day for the purpose of spreading awareness among the people about the causes, symptoms and problems of the patients. On May 8, dedicated doctors, medical staff and scientists working to cure this disease are also honored to improve the lives of the victims.

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what happens Symptoms of Thalassemia
Thalassemia is a permanent blood disorder, which is genetic. Due to this, the patient’s red blood cells and hemoglobin are not able to form. In Thalassemia, cold and cold persist and the patient always feels sick. In such a situation, there is difficulty in breathing and there is weakness and pain in the body. Apart from this, there are symptoms like coming out of the teeth, lack of physical development according to age, yellowing of the body etc. ,Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Please consult the concerned specialist before implementing these)

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