Yoga Session: Do Yoga and Asanas to stay fit and healthy, know how to lose weight


Yoga Session With Savita Yadav: To keep yourself fit and healthy, it is important that you first prepare mentally. If you do not enjoy practicing yoga, then go for a walk and increase physical activities. Do not sit or breathe immediately after eating. Be sure to go for a while. In this way it is very important to fix your lifestyle first. Many people get upset due to lack of weight, but it is important to keep in mind that if you do something, then its result will come. Yes, even if it’s a little late. In such a situation, you keep checking whether you are following things in the right way or not. Many times, even if done incorrectly, the weight is not reduced and the result is not visible. In the end, I would like to say that always keep 3 things in mind – keep the diet right, be active throughout the day and take enough rest. If you include these things in life then you can achieve good health. Giving all this information, today in the Facebook Live session of News18 Hindi, Yoga instructor Savita Yadav did many weight-loss yoga exercises.


start like this
First of all, sit on your mat and straighten your waist and neck. You can sit in any posture. Now take a deep breath, close your eyes and focus on the sound of your breath. Try to focus on yourself. Now chant the word Om and pray. Keep in mind that inhale and exhale in a rhythmic manner.


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practice of kapalbhati
People who have stomach problems, heart patients, weak lungs or are pregnant should not do Kapalbhati. Apart from this, everyone can practice Kapalbhati. By doing this, the blood circulation in the body is better, the abdominal muscles become strong, the problem of constipation is removed, the digestive system remains better. But it is also important to be careful while doing this.

practice like this
Sit on a yoga mat and keep your spine straight. Place your hands on your knees and take a deep breath. Now while exhaling, slowly pull the stomach inwards. Do it according to your ability. Keep in mind that Kapalbhati force is fully exhalation. To do this, pull your navel inwards and exhale in a few seconds. Now do this for 1 minute. After one round is over, relax and close your eyes. Now take a deep breath and hold the breath for a while. Gradually increase the duration of this easy. You can watch the full video here to see in detail.


do Tadasana
Stand on the mat and interlocking the hands, take them upwards while keeping them close to the ears and pull them upwards. Do it counting till 20. Stomach problems are removed by doing Tadasana. Now slowly lift the heels and come in the posture of Tadasana and count up to 20. You can do this for 2 to 3 cycles.

exercises for legs
Stand on the mat and raise the toes once and the heels once. You repeat this at least 20 times. Do this exercise every day. By doing this, the muscles of the ankles, soles and feet are strengthened.

Now walk on the mat for a while and take a deep breath. You again do this exercise for 20 cycles.

Now move your palm forward and step with your feet. Try to touch your knees in the palm. You can also do this with jumps. Do 3 cycles of 20 of this.

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waist rotation
Now stand on the mat. Keep a little space between both the legs and keep hands on the waist. Now rotate 20 times from right side. After this is done, do the same from the left side.

Now, keeping your hand on the waist, rotate the upper body around. You do this 20 times. Do it from the right side first and then take some rest and rotate it from the left side. In this way you have to do rotations in both the ways. Now take a deep breath and release it better.

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