YOGA SESSION: Make the abdominal muscles strong with Kapalbhati, it also benefits the heart


Yoga Session With Savita Yadav : With daily practice of Kapalbhati, there is good blood circulation in the body and due to this your heart also works in a better way. However, before doing this, some important precautions should be known. For example, if you are a heart patient, your lungs are weak or there is any chronic problem in the stomach, then do not do it, but if you are facing acidity problem due to Kapalbhati, then do not panic about it. People who have the problem of hyper acidity, they should not do it. If you are having the problem of normal gas, then with regular practice this problem can be cured gradually. Giving all these information, today in the Facebook Live session of News18 Hindi Yoga Instructor Savita Yadav

(Savita Yadav) practiced Kapalbhati and many asanas.

how to do kapalbhati
First of all, sit on the mat and make a meditation posture. Keep your eyes closed and focus on your breathing. Breathe in and out rhythmically. Now chant the word Om and pray.


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Now take a deep breath and exhale outward with force. You do not have to pay attention to whether your stomach is going inwards or not. When you start doing the practice of exhaling forcefully, then the stomach will start coming out on its own. You can watch the entire exercise in detail on the video link given here.

Now you will do the complete one minute cycle like this. First fill the breath inwards, then release the breath and now start Kapalbhati. You should keep in mind that do it according to your ability.


Now fill the full breath in the stomach and hold the air in the stomach for some time and then exhale while relaxing. This strengthens the abdominal muscles and its problems are cured, but do so keeping in mind all the mentioned precautions.

simple exercises for legs

Spread your legs forward on the mat and do stretching. Now stretch the claws back and forth. Rotate the claws well. You can also rotate it by holding it with your hand.

Now stand straight on the mat and by placing your hand on the waist, stand once on the paw and once on the heel. Do this 20 times.

Stand on the mat and do the steps. While doing this, inhale well and exhale in a rhythmic manner.

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Now step forward on the mat itself, keeping the paws down. Keep in mind that the knee should touch the palm. Do this 20 cycles. Now relax and do breathing leaving the body loose.

Now lift one leg high and take it backwards. Then bring the foot forward in the same way. Do this 20 times. Doing this will strengthen the leg muscles. Doing this strengthens your cardio and burns fat too. You can watch the complete exercise in the video link given above.

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